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Falling apart

The past few weeks have been anything but easy. I’ve heard various versions of the same thing “You are strong enough to get through this.” – But am I?

Another said “write about your ain to learn how to heal yourself” – Am I ready to be that raw?

Affirmations read daily – moments have taken every hour to re-assure me of this journey I am about to take.

The question at the heart of it all can I write about what has hurt me and leave it for the universe or do I put it on paper and allow others to read it, feel it, and explore it all with me? Am I strong enough to peel back the layers to start from the beginning and work my way forward?

I don’t know the answer to that yet… for now this is my journey no matter how it looks, sounds, or feels. It is me.

Confusion Photography by Pouya Derakhshan